Creative comms strategist dabbling in social media, technology and PR

Tom Sawyer


The Tom Sawyer Effect is an award-winning boutique creative consultancy and immersive experience company.

Over the last nine years we have worked across sectors and for some of the biggest brands around, including luxury (Watches of Switzerland and Acqua di Parma), technology (Oculus and Monese), charity (WWF, Cancer Research UK and and many, many more.

We also run live experiences blending real and virtual worlds, immersive theatre and emerging technologies, virtual and augmented reality. We have run dozens of experiences for anyone from technology brands to authors (including Robert Galbraith or David Mitchell), video games (The Witcher or Resident Evil) and institutions such as The Eden Project or The Royal Court Theatre. 

The name comes from Twain’s famous story of growing up in 19th century Mississippi. Specifically it refers to the chapter in which Tom is punished by Aunt Sally for being naughty and is forced to stay home and paint the garden fence.

Because Tom was so popular, his friends came to see what he was doing and as they did, he made it into a fun activity and got them all to help him. By the time they’d finished, it had become a party – everyone enjoyed themselves and the job got done quickly, efficiently and more pleasurably than had Tom been on his own.

The Tom Sawyer Effect seeks to recreate this process in the digital space – identifying and engaging the relevant influencers and content creators and then using them to help drive experiences that benefit the community as a whole…